Wallpaper*: Design Awards

Wallpaper*: Design Awards 2015

A head-spining film shot shot by Matthew Donaldson to showcase the winners of Wallpaper*'s annual Design Awards, a celebration the people, places and things that have stood out in the last year. The images within the film are initially shot for the magazine so the concept was project the images onto a rotating set designed by myself and built by Cloud & Horse which was then filmed to give the film a slightly analogue look. As the edge of the set wall passes in front the camera the viewer can begin to see into the next frame which is projected onto the same set. The initial idea was to combine the rotation with a vertical pans however this wasn't achieved due to alignment issues. The inclusion of a miniture Eames chair gives the impression the screen for the projection is much larger than in reality.

Disciplines: Art Direction — Set Design